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This pretty much sums it up.

If you’re a Punisher fan, you need to see this fan made video!

Directed by Phil Joanou
Written by Chad St. John
Produced by Adi Shankar

Too Many Ideas

I’ve been having too many ideas lately and I’m not even sure if any of them are really any good. Most are original but some are fandom related. Tell me what you think of them.

Security Officer Awesome
S/O Jake Awesome and two other security guards try to protect The Mall from various strange attackers leading to multiple humorous situations. Based off all the strange, stupid, and just plain silly things I’ve dealt with as a security guard and have heard about from others.
(Gag Comic.) [T]

On her 18th birthday, a young girl named Sarah receives a special present from her grandfather over seas. It is a small wooden doll named Alice. Little does she know, however, that this doll is about to take her and her younger brother Dax on the adventure of a lifetime through a land of magic and “Wonder“. (Loosely based off Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.)

Neko Maid
A young high school boy awakens to find a cute cat girl asleep in his bed. After a moment of freaking out, he finds that her name is Mai and she is his family’s new maid. He also ends up meeting two other girls, a wolf and a bunny. They get into many humorous situations which help to build their relationships.
(Romantic Comedy/Ecchi)[M]

A photographer has issues expressing his feeling to a childhood friend who is now a famous actress. One of his friends, afraid for their friendship, tries to keep them apart, while another tries to bring them together.
(Romantic Comedy.)[T+]

In the not so far future, an elite team from around the world is often called upon to handle risky issues that cannot be taken care of by the average military. This team, however, is a bit different as it is comprised of only women. It is called the “All Ladies Tactical 5“.
Hitomi Takahashi- Japanese, 28 yrs., 5ft 5in, Blood Type O, Highly Trained in MMA and Stealth, Weapons of Choice are Plasma Katana and MKX Pistols
Alexandria (Alex) Rodriguez- American, 25 yrs., 5ft 7in, Blood Type B, Augmented with Cybernetic Strength Enhancements, Highly Trained in Boxing and Heavy Weapons, Weapon of Choice is RX90 Gatling Gun
Mary Bell- British, 12yrs., 4ft 6in, Blood Type A, Classified as a Genius Level Intellect, Highly Skilled in Robotics and Demolition, Weapon of Choice is ML40 Battle Mech
Sofia Blanc- French, 29yrs., 5ft 8in, Blood Type AB, Graduate with Honors from Paris IV with a Masters in Art History, Highly Skilled in Marksmanship, Weapon of Choice is 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle
Miss Scarlett- Russian, 30 yrs., 5ft 8in, Blood Type O, Classified Background, Highly Trained in Infiltration and Interrogation, Weapons of Choice are Bull Whip and Twin Berretta(customized)
(Futuristic Action)[T+]

Omega Children
After a cure-all known as the Omega Elixir turns every person injected with it into monsters, humanity seeks shelter in domed cities and tries to find a way to fight back against the new threat. In an effort to do this, Officer Cassandra Martinez teams up with a genetically enhanced super soldier, code named Crow, to unravel the mysteries of the Omega Disease and cure/eliminate the ‘Children of Omega’.
(Futuristic Horror.)[M]

Red Mask
Tumblr based RPG/pick your path game where the player is given unfair choices that mess with their perception of right and wrong while they try to figure out the secret of the man in the red mask.
(Horror RPG.)[M]

No One
Based off a rewrite of my short story ‘My Name Is No One’. Follows the life of a serial killer told through first person to his death and beyond.

Tales of Dremial
Mini series of different stories all connected in some way to each other. Based off from my fantasy world, Dremial. Stories of dragons, warriors and wizards.

Guardians of Dremial: Soldiers of Estlarn
Rewrite of my story “The Demon War”. Tharen, after seeing his home destroyed and his mother killed, goes to join the army of Estlarn as a war begins against the kingdom of Savorel.

Rosen Blade Replies
Tumblr ask/story blog for my MLP OC. Rosen, having lost his passion for writing after his parents passing, goes on an adventure around the world to rekindle his spirits. However, he ends up getting far more than he was expecting.

MLaaTR: Collage Days
Jenny Wakeman goes to collage where she makes some new friends who help her to fight new enemies.

The Stranger: A Tale of the Slenderman
Donavan Clark, an archivist for an independent organization, finds an old journal and while studying it strange things begin to happen to him. He feels like he is being followed by a strange man in a black suit.

I also came up with a few random ideas such as:

A samurai has no choice but to follow any command made by his younger master due to a curse that has been put on him while they fight against various demons/monsters in a mythical land.

A story about a girl and her dragon told without words.

Two short comics about the Slenderman based off the songs ‘Come Little Children’ and ‘Slendy’s Watching Me’.

While playing an immersive MMORPG, a virus causes an elite gamer to become the pet of a noob and must now do whatever they say. Without being able to escape the prison that is this dangerous, digital world, how will the two adapt?

I know that i won’t be able to get around to all of these ideas, but they keep screaming in my head to do them!

Death in the family

Just when somethings are getting better, other things go wrong. There has been a death in my family today.

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…but it was still hard to watch.

You no longer have the right to call yourself a descendent of darkness. Take that holy sword of yours and save the world. After crushing my first love to dust, I’m positive you can.
Guess who is goofing off at work again with ArtStudio.

Had to work the day shift this time, which I’m not used to. At least on my usual shift I get to walk rounds. This one, I just sit here for 8 hours straight. Fun!(sarcasm)

Guess who is goofing off at work again with ArtStudio.

Had to work the day shift this time, which I’m not used to. At least on my usual shift I get to walk rounds. This one, I just sit here for 8 hours straight. Fun!(sarcasm)

Finn the Firebender

I know that there has to be a joke about Finn being a firebender somewhere, but somehow I haven’t seen nor heard one yet.

Jenny sketch done some time ago colored with ArtStudio on my iPhone because I am bored at work.

Jenny sketch done some time ago colored with ArtStudio on my iPhone because I am bored at work.

About The Scarlet Pimpernel Post

Sorry for the flood of posts. I just re-watched ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’, a movie made in 1934 based off a novel by Baroness Orczy with Leslie Howard as Sir Percy Blakeney and thought I’d post some of my favorite quotes from it.

It isn’t my top favorite movie, but it is rather well up there. Sorry if it isn’t quite your cup of tea.

This other eve in paradise, this fortress built by nature herself against infection and the hand of war. / This happy bred of men, this little world, / This precious stone set in silver sea. / This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, / This England.
Sir Percy Blakeney(The Scarlet Pimpernel(movie-1934))
Percy and his wife talking about the Pimpernel(himself)
[Blakeney]My dear, if he's the kind of lunatic I take him to be, your warning won't stop him.
[Lady Blakeney]But, he might be going to his death.
[Blakeney]Well, that's all the fellow lives for. Besides, he doesn't know you're in love with him.
[Lady Blakeney]I'm not in love with him. I admire his heroism, but I don't love him.
[Blakeney]Oh, but you do and you don't know it. I didn't know it myself until a moment ago.
[Lady Blakeney]Please don't joke about it.
[Blakeney]It's no joke, believe me. Dangerous game, falling in love with a phantom, my dear. For all you know he may be a married man who is deeply in love with his wife.
[Lady Blakeney]Never.
[Blakeney]Why not?
[Lady Blakeney]Would any man who is in love with his wife leave her continually to face death? Would you?
[Blakeney]Mind you, the man's clever. But a fellow who can't even tie his on cravat, isn't likely to put a noose around the Pimpernel's neck, is he?
[Lady Blakeney]Really, Percy. Can you never rise above trivialities?
[Blakeney]Can't rise above anything more than three syllables, my dear, never could.
He has a way with words.
[Blakeney]They seek him here, they seek him there, / Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. / Is he in heaven? Is he in hell? / That damned elusive Pimpernel!
[Chauvelin]Especially that line, "Those Frenchies seek him everywhere."
[Blakeney]Yes, I like that, too. Because you see, I hear that they do and that gives the line a sort of something... that sort of gives it... uh... uh... something. Uh... u-uh... If I make myself clear.
[Chauvelin]Clear as crystal.